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CLG provides lenders the necessary tools

and services needed to implement a new

home construction loan program.


Construction Loan Fulfillment Services 

Construction Loan-Draw Management Services

Mortgage Processing Services

Welcome to the Construction Loan Group, of CLG Mortgage Services, Inc. 'CLG'. 


CLG provides lenders construction loan product development assistance, loan processing and construction loan-draw management services in the residential mortgage lending sector. CLG manages the construction loan risk management duties on behalf of the lender while also working directly with the consumer-borrowers and contractors during the home construction draw phase until completion of the home. 


Our expertise begins by assisting with product development and the loan origination process.  Most construction lending programs are structured and released with two product channels, a 'one-time' close construction-to-permanent mortgage or a 'two-time' closing program. CLG's service continues through the loan processing stages to closing of the loan. Next, we manage the construction loan-draw phase until the home is 100% complete and conversion to the permanent mortgage financing transpires. The lender maintains all funding and mortgage loan servicing rights.


Managing construction loans is a complex and time consuming process and choosing the right experienced partner, like CLG, is crucial to a lenders' success. CLG has over 20 years experience processing and managing construction loans for lenders. Importantly, we also understand mortgages and how to best protect the permanent mortgage for our lender clients while also providing a flexible financing program for consumer-borrowers desiring to build or remodel a home.


CLG supports sustainable business methods and loan processing.  Many of our clients' utilize an Enterprise, web-based mortgage lending platform via Mortgage Cadence, LLC, an Accenture company.  This lending platform provides immediate, secure 24/7 access and monitoring of loans in pipelines from any location. CLG also services lenders on other lending platforms.

Entrust CLG to be your construction lending and mortgage processing partner. Contact us today for more information.

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